Anton is machine intelligence for customer happiness.

Anton exposes detailed insights about your customers to lower support costs and discover product issues.

How It Works

Forward Support Emails

Set up your support email address to forward to a unique email address. Our system will learn from each ticket and route the email into your ticket tracking system.

Hook Up Data Sources

Point us to where we can find customers reviewing your product or discussing it on social media. We'll take care of the rest.

Discover Insights & Automate

Our AI will highlight undiscovered problems, track issues over time, and help your agents resolve tickets faster than ever before.

Deep Analytics & Automation

Your customers are writing about their product pains faster than you can read them. We ingest information from many sources to paint a detailed picture of your customers.

We collect data from the following sources:

  • Customer support tickets
  • Google Play Store and iOS App Store Reviews
  • and online retail reviews
  • Social media posts
  • Custom data sources for enterprise customers



Track Problems Over Time

Dig into whether your product or engineering teams are actually improving product issues by measuring what your customers are saying.


Automatically Categorize Issues

Group all of your support tickets, product reviews, and social media mentions into distinct narratives about your product. Identify when people are saying the same thing.


Suggest Responses To Agents

Train your agents faster by offering response suggestions to frequently-received support tickets. We integrate with every email-based helpdesk ticketing system.


Monitor Customer Sentiment

When your customers have a sudden change in sentiment, Anton helps you investigate why and take action.


Fuse Data From Multiple Sources

We help you centralize information about your customers, allowing detailed cross-referencing and stronger conclusions from data.


Generate Detailed Reports

Generate detailed PDFs identifying issues with the product, customer sentiment, support ticket SLAs, and more.

Contact Us

Anton can help you identify how to serve your customers better by adding intelligence and automation to your customer support workflow.

Get in touch and we can come up with a plan on how Anton can best integrate into your company.